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First Aid care for Spectators, Volunteers, Workers and Participants.


When hosting events your participants, volunteers, spectators and workers are automatically at risk to the possibility of an accident or medical emergency. Having first-aider's on-site will provide prompt and efficient care, reducing pain and suffering and in some instances can also save lives. We pride ourselves on the delivery of a flexible, high quality service which adapts to the changing needs of your event or venue, no matter how large or small.


What can we do for your event?


Priority One First Aid Services is an Ottawa, Ontario Canada based company that provides on-site First-Aiders who can deal with most types of medical emergencies. When required, we coordinate with EMS to provide the appropriate level of service for your event. By providing on-scene treatment, we can decide if further medical care is required and subsequently contact local EMS services to arrange for transport and advanced care. 

All our first aiders are trained as Advanced Medical Responders and are, therefore, also trained in the mechanics and practice of patient lifting and carrying, use of stretchers and accident scene management and safety.  

We are now certified in Naloxone administration and have Naloxone kits at all events.


With over 15 years experience coordinating first aid for special events, we can easily assess your needs and provide recommendations as to the type and amount of coverage required.


We offer two types of special event services tailored to the requirements of each individual event:


Stationary first aid for events such as 


  • festivals

  • soccer tournaments

  • ultimate frisbee

  • speedskating

  • roller derby


Mobile first aid for events such as


  • fundraising walks and runs

  • marathons and triathlons

  • bike races

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