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Mobile First Aid


Mobile first aid is great for cycling events, triathlons, marathons and any other event where the participants would not be in sight of the first aid station.

For mobile first aid, we will set up a first aid tent at a designated site and staff it with a minimum of two qualified first aid personnel that will provide on-site emergency first aid services within a short walking distance of the first aid tent.  

In addition, we will provide first aiders on bicycle, motorcycle or vehicle (as required) who will be mobile throughout the entire event. Our mobile first aiders will be strategically positioned to ensure the fastest response possible so we can quickly asses the situation and either treat at the scene, or transport the patient back to our fist aid tent for further assessment and treatment.

We will also sweep the course to ensure that all participants have made it safely off the course and/or across the finish line. 


We will provide the following value added components:

  • Tent (if not supplied by event organizers)

  • Oxygen

  • Automated External Defibrillator

  • Cooler full of ice and water (if not supplied by event organizers)

  • First-aid supplies

  • Cot(s), Pillow(s) and Blankets

  • Wheelchair

  • Bicycles / Motorcycle / vehicle (as required)

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