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I am trained by the Canadian Ski Patrol and have the following qualifications:


  • The legal aspects of patient care, scene and patient management, anatomy and physiology, primary secondary and advanced patient assessment (conscious and unconscious), critical intervention and treatment decision making, use of personal protection equipment, taking and interpretation of vital signs (including blood pressure), pain management and analgesic administration.


  • Basic life support (BLS certification) to the Health Care Provider level including; CPR (adult child infant), use of oral airways and bag valve masks, AED’s, use of suction devices, Do Not Resuscitate orders, oxygen use and administration.


  • Basic trauma life support (adult and child), assessment immobilization and treatment (including traction) of fractures dislocations and soft tissue injuries, wound management and infection control, shock, head neck and spinal injuries including backboard and collar use, facial injuries, multiple system trauma, blast injuries, breathing problems, chest injuries, multiple patient injuries including triage training.


  • Assessment and treatment of medical conditions including; cardiac problems, anaphylaxis, asphyxia, breathing problems (asthma, COPD, chest injuries), diabetes, epilepsy, CVA/TIA, syncope and altered levels of consciousness, abdominal injuries, childbirth and labour/delivery.


  • Assessment and treatment of environmental injuries including; altitude sickness and altitude pulmonary edema, heat exposure injuries (burns all levels), electrical and chemical burns, heat exhaustion, cold exposure injuries, snow blindness, recognition and treatment of poisonings, drug (legal and illegal) and medication abuse reactions/interactions.

  • Certified in Naloxone administration.

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